Cedra Express ltd freight transporters around new Zealand and around the world, specializing i
Cedra Express

An introduction to CEDRA Express

Cedra Express was established in New Zealand in 2001, to offer a first-class time critical management service to businesses and organisations needing to move goods around the globe - safely, securely, and efficiently.


With operational offices based in Christchurch and Auckland, Cedra Express has grown to become a market leader in providing specialised time-critical logistical solutions for clinical trials in the medical and biopharmaceutical industry.

We are driven by a desire to make the entire process of moving a consignment from point A to point B as easy, seamless and efficient for our customers as possible - whether point A is just down the road, across the country or half a world away.


Cedra Express has built a service reputation of reliability and expertise which allows customers to navigate with ease and confidence, the intricacies of cross-border legislation, regulations and protocols of international trade and commerce.


With experienced, highly qualified staff and a business commitment to providing a personalised, accountable service you can rely on Cedra Express to deliver the goods.


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