Cedra Express ltd freight transporters around new Zealand and around the world, specializing i
Time Critical Global Logistics Solutions for Clinical Trials

Global and New Zealand Time-Critical Logistics Services


'Time-critical' means exactly that. Shipments that absolutely, categorically have a deadline to meet and must meet it.


Cedra Express has a well-earned reputation for the fast, efficient handling of a wide range of goods and materials that must meet critical time deadlines.

When time counts against you..count on CEDRA EXPRESS


This includes clinical-trial material, medication and vaccines, cold-chain management and biological sample movement on a global basis. In this area we are experts in the safe, efficient handling of refrigerated or temperature controlled items. Our services are fully utilised by companies working in the fields of clinical research, biopharmaceutical science, medicine and the veterinary industry.


It is in these areas - where movement and handling of material is time-critical - that Cedra Express's expertise and understanding of protocols in the New Zealand and global market adds value to a committed business relationship.


Whatever the shipment - if time counts against you, COUNT ON US !




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